York Racecourse

Toward the end of 2014, Indigo were contacted with a proposal to install awnings and giant parasols to the new Moët & Chandon pavilion at York Racecourse, sitting immediately in front of the winner’s enclosure.

The project’s main contractor requested the installation of eleven giant parasols and five awnings from Indigo, weather-proofing the pavilion and giving that touch of je ne sais quoi that Moët & Chandon is internationally famed for.

In March and April 2015, Indigo installed ten A8 Giant Parasols and five awnings branded with the Moët & Chandon logo, and an eleventh Giant Parasol for Veuve Clicquot. Each A8 Giant Parasol measures at 7.5m², providing a perfect cover from the infamously unpredictable nature of British climate.

“We were absolutely delighted to have been selected to be a part of this project,” commented Trevor Ruddle, Managing Director of Indigo Shading Ltd. “York is a really high profile racecourse.”

From start to finish, everything ran smoothly. It was a joy to work with such reputable clients: the contractor expressed his delight, and the new fittings are already being used to enjoy under the summer sun… Long may it last!

The installations at York Racecourse looked such a treat that they attracted attention from other racecourses, ultimately leading to referrals of a similar nature.

We think they look great – don’t you agree?

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