When Indigo supplied to the Rugby World Cup

All eyes were transfixed on England between the months of September and October for the highly anticipated quadrennial Rugby Union World Championship, unofficially referred to as the Rugby World Cup by you and me.

Back in May 2015, the team at Indigo were contacted by the RFU (England Rugby Football Union) with the unbelievable prospect of becoming supplier for projects in preparation for the upcoming Games.

Managing Director Trevor Ruddle’s renowned passion for all things rugby prompted him to tell the RFU to look no further, promising that Indigo will be more than capable of catering to any wants and needs.

The initial task at hand was to provide advice about which giant parasols were deemed appropriate for Fanzones across the country; after assessing 12 of the 15 Fanzones, Indigo suggested using the A4 Xtreme range, able to withstand wind speeds of up to 110 kilometres per hour.

The RFU agreed with the recommendations and informed a very excited Trevor that they will indeed be enlisting Indigo’s services, making this installation one our most high-profile since the multiple installations for the Olympic Games in 2012.

Indigo installed heavily customised giant parasols to 12 Fanzones across England, each fitted in specially-made bases instead of the usual in-ground sleeves.

Throughout the duration of the Games, the Fanzones were overflowing with excited tourists and locals alike, boasting some of the highest rates of tourism globally at that time.

Unfortunately, circumstances dictated that we could not take photos of these giant parasols in action – the Fanzones were still under construction when the installation took place.

Once the Games were over and New Zealand claimed their well-deserved trophy, the parasols were donated to independent rugby clubs around the country to keep the World Cup magic alive for local rugby enthusiasts.


Read our case study for more information on the technicalities of this project.

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