Two Years On: How Indigo has Progressed

In November 2014, prominent North Walian news outlet The Leader published an article about how Indigo has progressed as a local business.

We’ve now reached the end of November 2016, and business certainly has boomed.

With new full-time members of staff, 12 fitting teams and 14 sales designers dotted around the UK, Indigo Shading Ltd has ensured that there is a designer with capabilities of reaching even the most remote corners of Great Britain.

As Managing Director Trevor Ruddle hoped in 2014, business has expanded in Mold not once, but twice! From his barn property to a small office in Bryn Road January 2016 saw Indigo move headquarters for a third time to a much larger office in the same building, complete with its own boardroom.

In addition to expanding its base, Trevor has continued to scale the business to greater heights with a number of new, high profile clients. Where Indigo had supplied products to 2012 Olympics, Lord’s Cricket Ground and Wembley Stadium, its repertoire has extended to the likes of Malmaison Hotels, York Racecourse and Tattershall Castle. In 2015, England played host to the quadrennial Rugby World Cup, and subsequently saw Indigo supply parasols to 12 of the 15 Fanzones across the country.

Where the previous article details the lows of the global recession, the recent decision for Britain to leave the European Union has displayed hardships of its own. However, with initiatives such as Ezpayplan, Indigo has bounced back and is growing stronger than ever.

Watch this space: November 2018 has a lot to live up to!

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