Tattershall Castle: Take Two

Tattershall Castle is one of our most prestigious, exciting, yet challenging installations to date – which is why it makes for an extremely interesting case study.

Don’t let the name fool you – Tattershall Castle is a converted floating pub and restaurant moored on the River Thames at Victoria Embankment, one of Britain’s most iconic locations. It served as the perfect location to view the breath-taking New Year firework display earlier this month.

The ship was once a faithful passenger ferry during the Second World War; after serving for almost 40 years, the ship was retired and towed to London, where it was converted into a floating art gallery and subsequently the extremely successful pub and restaurant that stands there today.

After the New Year display, the team at Indigo re-assembled at Tattershall Castle to install a second fixed structure to the back deck, replicating the one installed at the front a few months earlier.

Much like the first installation, difficulties were faced: namely, the decks curve from the centre outwards. This requires extreme precision with measurements, which had to be millimetre-perfect.

The installation was completed smoothly in line with time and budget, with the clients just as delighted as they were the first time with the end result.

They were so impressed that they stated ultimately, Indigo’s services will be enlisted once more to infill the sides of the structure with glazed panels.

We look forward to this new challenge aboard the Tattershall Castle… Till next time!

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