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Maximise your outdoor space this Spring

Spring is in the Air

29 January 2018

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Maximise your Outdoor Space This Spring

The birds are cheeping, the very first flowers are blooming, and daylight is finally becoming prevalent… Which can only mean one thing. Spring is in the air!

With Britain dowsed in darkness these past few months, seeing the sun shine on the morning and evening commutes has made a noticeable difference in everyone’s moods – with an incredible eight minutes a day extra daylight time (thanks for the fact, Trevor!) we’re really noticing the difference.

In the spirit of positive-news-giving, Indigo Awnings have had our first substantial UK order of the year!

A client has ordered four 4.5m squared A4 parasols, complete with heating, lighting, linking rain gutters and side sheets – maximising their outdoor space and creating a completely shaded alfresco dining experience for their beautiful countryside pub.

Maximise your outdoor space this Spring

Shelter your guests – Maximise your outdoor space this Spring

The addition of side sheets, linking rain gutters, heating and lighting means that customers have the option to dine outside in a sheltered environment, completely uninterrupted by weather, providing an area that’s both dry and warm – essentially creating an additional room outside of the pub and offering a wealth of extra space on busy days.

Punters will be able to drink and dine alfresco all year round; having increased dining space, footfall to the establishment will rise dramatically and our client is looking forward to receiving an incredible return on investment in no time at all.

It goes without saying that good use of an outdoor area is extremely attractive to the public (think of those summer beer gardens!) – and our client has certainly taken note of that.

Indigo look forward to sharing photos of the new area with you – keep an eye on our gallery and social media channels for an update.

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