Shading Solutions for Pubs & Restaurants – FAQ

How Much Does Shading Cost for a Pub/Restaurant?

The COVID pandemic made every establishment reconsider certain things and this was exemplified by the pub/restaurant business. Those with even the smallest outdoor area began to make use of it to accommodate customers outside in the fresh air which was deemed to be safer at the time.

This move highlighted the fact that previously unused areas could increase footfall and thus profits. However, with six months of lockdown, cash flow was the biggest issue and one that had been predicted by Indigo Shading Ltd Ltd. This is why we introduced a no deposit lease option. Meaning that the very best quality products such as awnings, giant heated parasols and even retractable roof fixed structures could be installed with monthly payment starting one month after completion. Payments can be spread over 12 to 60 months and in fact, the daily takings and thus profits far exceeds the monthly payments and this helped many outlets to get back on their feet. 

Prices can vary depending on specifics such as sizes, structures, personalisation, accessories, and locations so we offer a free quotation service over the phone or via email. Indigo Shading Ltd will always endeavour to provide you with the most cost effective solution to your shading needs. Our no deposit lease options make awnings affordable for all.

Can Awnings or Parasols Be Used All Year Round?

Outdoor areas can be turned into attractive spaces that can provide beautiful atmospheres all year round! Warm up the cozy conversations with the heaters in the colder months, or give your customers the chance to turn their 5 minute catch up into a long hazy evening with the addition of lighting options. Your shading solution can even block out the sunlight in the hot summer days or provide showerproof protection if the unreliable British weather was to strike again. Awnings are cleverly engineered to allow any rain water to run off it, protecting everyone underneath. Even our parasols can be fitted with gutters to ensure there are no trickling gaps spoiling the atmosphere! Whatever the weather, your parasol, awning or fixed structure will make your business money out of fresh air!

Shading Solutions for Pubs & Restaurants - FAQ

What Are the Benefits of Installing Awnings?

Indigo has installed products at pubs, restaurants, hotels and the casual dining sector throughout the country for over 20 years and it is this which made them the number one choice for post lock down outdoor cover. Trevor Ruddle, Indigo’s Managing Director is rightly proud of the number of outlets they have helped, in fact he reports that one restaurant on the East coast seafront increased trade by 40% during the holiday season due to the installation of two very large storm proof parasols which created an appealing outdoor space that didn’t previously exist. The owner told indigo that these actually drew people to his establishment versus others that didn’t offer covered seating. It’s an instant return on investment!

Another example is a high profile hotel sited on London’s Hyde Park Corner. The chain wanted to create a highly visible outdoor covered space that not only looked stunning but was also practical for all year round use. Indigo was chosen to supply four giant heated parasols which were surrounded by high glass screens with planters. Fixed seating and tables were installed with touches such as sheepskin rugs placed over the backrest for added comfort. The whole area was dressed with an autumnal theme which will be changed for each season and Number One Park Lane was born from what was previously just bare pavement. Trevor says that he is particularly proud of this installation but moreover that it demonstrated what can be achieved with a bit of lateral thinking. With an extensive range of high quality products, he states that Indigo has helped hundreds of outlets increase trade with the use of their no deposit lease option. It’s a win-win he says, and we all like that concept.                           

In terms of the technical side of things, we ensure all aspects of every product is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on knowing that we offer the best of the best, even down to the fabrics!

Shading Solutions for Pubs & Restaurants - FAQ

What Material are Awnings Made From?

We use acrylic canvas which is solution dyed and then treated to ensure it becomes showerproof. Solution dyeing is not only longer-lasting than traditional dyeing techniques meaning your canvas will never fade, but also provides a reduction of water consumption by 80%, fewer chemicals and CO2 emissions, and lower energy consumption. As if this wasn’t good enough, we also offer a 10 year guarantee on this material!

Shading Solutions for Pubs & Restaurants - FAQ

How Long Do Awnings Last?

We offer a 2 year guarantee in a commercial setting and 5 years in a domestic setting. However, our shading solutions can last a lot longer if they are looked after and its owners follow our aftercare advice! An example of this aftercare is to always put your awning away when windy. Different products can withstand different wind speeds, from 35km per hour up to 102 km per hour, so it is a good idea to always ensure you’re keeping the product’s specifications in mind when using it. 

How Do You Install Awnings in a Pub or Restaurant?

Installing awnings can pose tricky problems that require clever solutions from our advanced team, so we recommend you always ensure you leave the installation to us. Whether your building has large glass windows, bay windows, store fronts, or even multi-level walls, there is no job we’ve ever had to turn away! We have specialist teams that do all the hard work for you! 

Shading Solutions for Pubs & Restaurants - FAQ