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A4 Xtreme Parasol

Ideal for exposed locations, Indigo’s A4 Xtreme giant parasols are made to withstand the elements

A4 Xtreme Parasol

While maintaining the sophistication and elegance of our A4 Parasol range, the A4 Xtreme parasol offers unrivalled strength, fit to endure even the most extreme weather.

Vivid Lounge, Manchester, A4M Xtreme Parasol

With an exceptionally strong mast, reinforced arms, and extremely stable hinge points, these parasols are virtually indestructible.

A4 Xtreme parasols are especially practical for coastal areas, rooftop terraces and high altitude locations, and offer the option to provide shading to guests in even the most difficult locations.

In addition to being unrivalled in strength, the A4 Xtreme parasol is unrivalled in value, too. With the peace of mind that they can endure even the most extreme weather conditions, the return on investment these parasols offer is unbeatable.

Instant Leasing

Indigo Awnings now offer the option of Instant Leasing to customers, ensuring that price does not have to be a factor in renovating outdoor spaces with the very best commercial grade products.

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A4 Xtreme SIZES

  • Round: 3m/ 4m/ 5m/ 6m/ 7m/ 8m
  • Rectangular: 4m x 3m/ 5m x 3.5m/ 5m x 4m/ 6m x 4m/ 6m x 5m
  • Square: 3m²/ 4m²/ 4.5m²/ 5m²/ 6m²
  • 6m x 5.5m/ 7m x 4m/ 7.5m x 4m
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