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A4 Parasols

Due to high specification and competitive pricing, these giant parasols are our best sellers

A4 Parasols

From our range of giant parasols, the A4 parasols collection is our best seller due to its high specification and competitive pricing.

Giant parasols such as the A4 parasols can be installed using either an in-ground socket or an above-ground base. The covers are kept taut by way of a special tensioning system, raised and lowered with a crank handle mechanism.

Every size can be installed with heaters, lighting and side curtains; square or rectangular models can be linked with a special gutter system, and all giant parasols come with a vast range of fabric colours to choose from.

Instant Leasing

Indigo Awnings now offer the option of Instant Leasing to customers, ensuring that price does not have to be a factor in renovating outdoor spaces with the very best commercial grade products.

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A4 Sizes

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  • Round: 3m/ 3.5m/ 4m/ 4.5m/ 5m/ 5.5m/ 6m/ 6.5m
  • Rectangular: 3 x 2.5m/ 3.5 x 3m/ 4 x 3m/ 4.5 x 4m/ 5 x 4m
  • Square: 2.5m²/ 3m²/ 3.5m²/ 4m²/ 4.5m²/ 5m²
  • 5.5 x 4m/ 6 x 3m/ 6 x 4m
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