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A16 Polaris Parasol

Stronger and architecturally superior in design, the A16 Polaris is ideal for maximising large outdoor areas

A16 Polaris Parasol

Built to withstand wind speeds of up to 65km per hour*, the A16 Polaris Parasol is the biggest and most visually striking parasol in the A16 range.

Both strong and architecturally superior in design, the Polaris is ideal for maximising larger outdoor spaces. Its 360˚ turning point gives it maximum versatility and usability, making it the ultimate outdoor accessory.

Like the other parasols in our A16 range, the Polarisis operated by an integrated self-locking crank system. Meaning that despite its larger size, it remains extremely user-friendly and is straightforward to operate.

For a parasol that makes a statement and draws in a crowd, the A16 Polaris Parasol is the ideal choice.

Indigo Awnings now offer the option of Instant Lease to customers, ensuring that price does not have to be a factor in renovating outdoor spaces.

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*Wind speed tolerance varies with model and size selected


  • Square: 3.5m x 3.5m / 4m x 4m
  • Circular: 4m / 5m
  • A range of accessories available
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