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Indigo Awnings Unveils NEW Cubic Glass Patio Roof Fixed Structure

08 July 2020

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Designed to bring in as much natural light as possible to patios in locations which can receive less sun and more rainfall, the New Terrazza Pure cubic glass patio roof from Indigo is bursting with clever innovations and is fully customisable. The new cubic shape and glass covered roof are only offered by very few manufacturers on the market, but in a quality that simply doesn’t come close to award winning manufacturer Weinor. 

Standard patio roofs are angled to allow rain water to drain off, whereas the Terrazza Pure features a newly developed glass support system which is integrated into the frame construction and therefore invisible from the outside. The result is a clean and stable, cubic design which offers reliable and discrete drainage as well as higher head clearance. 

The fully glazed roof with optional sliding glass doors provide shelter from the elements which allows your customers to enjoy life al fresco all year round. 

The frame is available in a range of 56 standard colours and the new lighting concept options allow you to create an ambience and atmosphere to suit your mood. With a choice of 48 colours and 3 shades of white, the high quality LED strips are available in a variety of lengths and can be fitted on the outer legs and roof. The addition of a compact Tempura Quadra heating system, which subtly blends in, offers warming infrared rays and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space on cooler days and into the evening too. 

All integrated LED lighting and Tempura heating systems can be conveniently controlled, set and dimmed, at the touch of a button with the optional remote control handset or from a smart phone app. 

Should you wish for extra privacy and protection from dazzling light, the VertiTex II vertical awning and the WGM roof awnings can be perfectly and seamlessly integrated to offer sleek and elegant sun protection.

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