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Indigo Awnings Feature in London’s Financial City AM Newspaper

13 February 2018

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One of London’s most read daily business newspapers, City AM, published a Question and Answer session with our very own Managing Director, Trevor Ruddle, on Thursday 8th February. He chatted about our lease partnership with LDF Group, and how this option can offer our products to businesses of all kinds.

By offering leasing to our customers, the very best commercial-grade products are now affordable for even the smallest business – with no deposit and affordable monthly repayments, it’s guaranteed to continue being a mighty success for Indigo.


Indigo Awnings Feature in London’s Financial City AM Newspaper

Snippet of Q&A with Trevor Ruddle, featured in City AM newspaper

Established in 1978, Indigo Awnings is now one of the UKs largest providers of commercial shading.

For the past 40 years, we’ve assisted customers in everything, from designing, supplying, and installing parasols and awnings, to screening and large scale fixed structures, which have become increasingly popular in the hospitality sectors.

In the UK, we are not blessed with year round good weather, and so the ability to cater to this with spaces that are usable all year round that crucially provide an almost instant return on investment.

Our retractable-roof fixed structures are designed to withstand the elements, making them an ideal choice to enrich outdoor space all year round.

Our customers’ requirements are rarely replicated, and so they need a solution that fits the individual needs of their premises. All our ranges are fully customisable, with branding and personalisation all part of the service and 60 per cent of all new business derived from repeat business or customer referrals.


For many customers, the concept of a commercial-grade products is an essential consideration to support increased footfall, capacity and revenue, but as with anything of quality, it’s an investment.

Leasing these products is a great alternative to outright purchase, as typically there’s no deposit required, and every plan is designed to suit the customer. This offers real flexibility to a much wider audience.

With a client base regularly impacted by seasonality, we’ve found it makes sense to offer our customers the ability to spread this cost, helping them to invest at times when trade is slower. Equally, the beauty of finance is that they can purchase a structure from us, have this installed and start to generate an income from day one.


In 2017, we also expanded operations into the Middle East, with a design and supply offering based in the UAE. UV protection is increasingly on the agenda and there is real opportunity to provide the highest calibre shading solutions.

On a more local level, we also have plans to develop our headquarters and showroom, building a state of the art barn-style development in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


London’s City AM has a daily readership in excess of 399,000 professionals; to read Thursday’s paper, follow this link and skip to page 10 to find Indigo’s feature.

LDF Group wrote a Partner Blog with Indigo Awnings, which can be read here.

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