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With a sophisticated folding roof system, this pergola truly embodies bringing the outdoors in


One product, multiple identity, live the outdoor alchemy.

With a sophisticated folding roof structures, these pergola systems give the feeling of being in an open-top convertible, providing an unobstructed view of a beautiful sunny day or a clear starlit night. In less ideal conditions, close the roof and sides (if fitted) for protection against all manner of weather conditions.

The heavy-duty PVC folding roof is also available as a light-transmitting version, all have a very high tensile strength and can be extended and retracted using a remote controlled handset. The tear-resistant PVC is fastened to robust aluminium transoms; this combination withstands extreme wind speeds of up to strength 6 on the Beaufort scale, even when extended.

To add a more luxurious edge to your structure, there is the option to integrate high-power LED spotlights into the transoms to bring a pleasant, mood-enhancing atmosphere to your outdoor space. With a radio controlled dimmable switches and 30,000 hours of lighting with extremely low energy consumption, these LEDs provide the perfect lighting whilst maintaining the low energy efficient standards that are required in today’s more eco friendly environment.

Like our other fixed structures, there are many additions that can be retrofitted. These include glass sliding doors, fixed glazing and vertical blinds with numerous fabric options, LED lighting (as detailed above), heating, remote control and sensors.

All of our fixed structures provide outstanding functionality and a stylish aesthetic

Instant Leasing

Indigo Awnings now offer the option of Instant Leasing to customers, ensuring that price does not have to be a factor in renovating outdoor spaces with the very best commercial grade products.

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