Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder… Even in the Hospitality Industry!

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and this statement couldn’t be more fitting given the current climate. There’s already a stream of pub/bar related “memes” on social media, delineating the “post-isolation” celebrations that will be underway when the lockdown is lifted and the virus ‘eradicated’. Imagine, millions of families across the UK spending a minimum of 3 weeks together, all under one singular roof. That’s enough to drive anyone to the local brewery for a richly hopped ale!

On a serious note, though, this period of isolation from friends, families and colleagues is already encouraging the nation to appreciate life to a much greater extent and never take anything for granted. And the best way the British know how to do that is to celebrate with their nearest and dearest; most preferably, however, at a bar, restaurant and pub!

So be prepared for the light at the end of the tunnel with Indigo Shading Ltd, as a way of ensuring that everyone can celebrate in health, happiness, harmony and as well as in style.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder… Even in the Hospitality Industry!

Booking Hotels

Whilst the unsettling uncertainty of this virus has left hotel businesses – both large and small – emptied and earnest, we believe you should be prepared for the paradoxical scenario of the large parties of people swarming your vicinity post lockdown.

With birthday celebrations abolished, proms postponed and wedding bookings cancelled, hotel events will be making up for lost time post-lockdown. With important calendar dates at a halt this year, your booking list is sure to be brimming with surplus celebratory events for a whole host of individuals.

Imagine this: large families, travelling near and far to burn the midnight oil when they are finally reunited. Parties venturing in to eat, drink and sleep at your hotel to celebrate their eagerly anticipated freedom. Congregations of friends, young couples, pensioners, honeymooners and prom-goers all frequenting your facilities to spend a night outside of the same four walls they have become accustomed to. Each equipped with a new confidence in discretionary spending. And how will you accommodate all of this?

Pubs and Restaurants

Lest we forget the pubs and restaurants too…

Lockdown has really displayed to the majority of us how we take commercialised amenities for granted. The freedom of frequenting the local pubs and favourite eateries have never been more noticeable until now.

But, when the nation is released from their homes, we suspect an influx of people to cascade across the local breweries and restaurants like never before. And this infiltration of excitable people will only be exacerbated by the re-introduction of sporting events that will start again when the safety of the public is secure. So, how will you prepare for this?

While sprucing up, spring cleaning and spending surplus cash on your hotel, restaurant and pub is probably at the bottom of your checklist at this present moment, we wanted to cast some light into why right NOW is a propitious time to look into getting ahead of the competition; with minimal upheaval and financial implications to you and your business.

How can Indigo Awning help?

To help you prepare for an unprecedented surge of people, at Indigo Shading Ltd we offer a range of commercial grade parasols that enhance any outdoor space, all of which are wind tunnel tested and built to withstand the vagaries of the ever-changing British climate. This outdoor living space will enable you to accommodate a greater proportion of the public and, consequently, a healthy return on investment – simply creating “money from fresh air”, regardless of the weather!

With commercial parasols, awnings and fixed structures made from the highest-quality materials, available in a range of colours and personalised to your required specifications – our outdoor shading solutions are sure to provide the perfect setting for a celebration like no other.

Self-Isolation? No Problem…

One of the major benefits of our services, particularly during this pandemic, is that we do not need to come to your property to provide an initial quotation. You can receive a quote subject to survey, simply by phoning our offices and/or sending a photo of the structure of your property. We are also able to provide a mock-up design for you to make an informed decision, when the time is right. The virtual customer consultation mitigates any issues we currently face with government isolations policies, whilst still enabling you to receive a quote and prepare in advance!

At Indigo Shading Ltd, we understand this is a worrying time for everyone on a global scale. We do not take Covid-19 lightly and want to emphasise how important the health and safety of our staff and customers is to us. We hope you remain safe, healthy and strong. We are here to support you and your hospitality business when ‘normal’ times are bestowed upon us.