Westfield, London

Of the four installations provided by Indigo for the 2012 Olympic Games, two were situated on the rooftop of the well-known Westfield Shopping Centre overlooking the Olympic Park in Stratford.
This was an ideal location for press opportunities and social events, including private photo shoots with British athletes and corporate hospitality for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

These parasols were technically challenging to say the least. One installation required the contractors to build a large extension on top of the roof consisting of a 7m high scaffold platform in an area about the size of three tennis courts, which was quite the achievement at such a height!

Due to the nature of the location the area was highly secure and closed off from the public, meaning Indigo could not build parasols and install them by crane as standard. This resulted in a new plan, where components for each parasol were physically carried into the building and assembled on the rooftop.

Despite the challenges faced, the parasols were built to perfection in November 2011 and April 2012, providing guests with protection from all weathers and an incredible view of the spectacle before them.

In total, Indigo installed 15 A4 Xtreme Giant Parasols. These parasols can withstand high wind speeds of up to 120km/h: a necessary feature due to the precarious nature of the product and exposed location of the Westfield Centre rooftop.

Both projects were a great success, with the A4 Xtreme proving to be an ideal choice in providing sturdy yet aesthetically striking parasols for what has become an iconic structure.

Westfield were so impressed by the work with these structures that they requested Indigo would be the sole supplier of parasols in the shopping centre.

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