The Pembroke, Primrose Hill

The Pembroke is one of North London’s more charming pubs. It offers a warm welcome to those visiting Primrose Hill, widely recognised as being one of the most beautiful locations in the city. Despite celebrities frequenting the pub, it is known as a down-to-earth establishment accessible to anyone.
In June, The Pembroke enlisted Indigo’s help to transform the pub’s beer garden into something spectacular and unrecognisable. Indigo assessed the area and set to work, installing an awning, two giant parasols screen printed with the Smith & Jones logo, furniture, decking, pot bars and planters.

The teak tables sit perfectly alongside the decking and pot bars, creating a stylish and modern look complemented by the aluminium rattan chairs and bar stools.

Overall, the transformation has created a completely unrecognisable beer garden, more accessible and weather-proof to the visiting public, proving to be a big hit to staff and customers alike.

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