Olympic Park, London

In February 2012, Indigo Shading Ltd was contacted by a well-known contractor with the potential outcome of becoming a supplier for projects in preparation for the Olympic Games. They were asked to provide professional advice about which parasols would be deemed most appropriate for each specific location.
A month after proposing their ideas to the contractor, Indigo received confirmation that they would be a supplier of giant parasols in the prestigious Olympic Park, globally one of the most high-profile locations at that time.

Indigo provided giant parasols for four individual clients in prime locations, each situated either inside or a short distance from the Olympic stadium. These projects included the Westfield Shopping Centre, Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park itself.

Trevor Ruddle, Director of Indigo Shading Ltd, stated: “We were the only company in our sector to supply products into the Olympic Games: we think that speaks volumes about us as a company and the products we sell.”

In July 2012 at the Olympic Park, five A4 Xtreme Giant Parasols with movable bases were installed in front of an enormous 3,000 seat temporary restaurant spanning three floors.

Once the installation was complete, operators expressed their delight with the end result and commented on what a fantastic environment Indigo had created for diners, which included a number of VIPs and A List celebrities.

For the duration of the Games the restaurant was fully-booked, with the parasols providing invaluable seating to allow guests an unforgettable al fresco dining experience within this highly coveted location.

“I could not have been more delighted that Indigo has been chosen to be a supplier for the Olympics,” commented Trevor. “I cannot tell you how honoured and privileged all of us feel to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Following their work as a supplier for the Olympic Games, Indigo has received project queries from a great many high-profile clients.

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