Malmaison, Manchester

Manchester’s Malmaison is a luxury boutique hotel that dares to stand out from the crowd. Its quintessentially stylish and vivacious identity offers guests a perfect harmony of excitement while presenting a relaxed environment, giving guests the best of both worlds during their stay.
When contacted, the Indigo Shading Ltd team were thrilled to assist with the renovation of such a prestigious hotel. A large A8 Giant Parasol was installed to shelter guests from the infamous Mancunian rain, allowing them to enjoy the vibrancy of ‘Britain’s Second City’ al fresco.

Indigo Shading Ltd incorporated the iconic ‘Veuve Clicquot Orange’ onto the parasol along with heaters and the logo, which was screen printed to add a personalised touch.

The finished parasol stands proud, looking striking yet elegant, adding finesse to the famed Malmaison ‘VIP experience’.

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