Installing Plaza Viva Awnings at the Blues Bar, Crosby

Indigo was first contacted by Mr. Keith Downes, the proprietor of the Blues Bar Crosby, in January 2021.

During the COVID lockdown, he was looking for awnings to cover the space at the front of the building, which overlooked the Shopping Precinct.

After a number of communications, in which it was realised that two Plaza Viva units were more suitable than awnings, the design was put forward to Sefton Planning Department. The Plaza Viva was favoured not only because it could it project out more than 4 meters, but because it is more stable in the windy conditions of the precinct.

Planning permission was granted for two units of 6 metre width by 5 metre projection in July 2021 and so an initial survey was carried out, in which a couple of issues were identified:

1. There would need to be additional bracketry on which to fix the rear of the Plaza Vivas

2. Ways of securing the front legs of the Plaza Vivas would need to be designed so that they were removable (if necessary) to satisfy the Council Highways conditions.

Once solutions were agreed and an order placed in March 2022, an installation survey by an Indigo engineer was carried out and detailed specifications determined; including fixing the front legs onto 35cm of concrete within planters which would be subsequently filled with appropriate stones and soil.

The units were finally installed in July 2022 to the great satisfaction of the customer.

Whether it’s a busy day or a quiet evening, dressing up your structure with lights, tables & plants creates an attraction to passers-by, a cosy and welcoming atmosphere & more revenue for your business!