Carluccio’s, Irish Village, Dubai

As the sole supplier to Carluccio’s in the UK, Indigo Shading Ltd received a project enquiry from the owners of Foodmark, a division of the Dubai-based Landmark Group.

The aim of the project was to cover an outdoor space of approximately 10m square with commercial-grade parasols for the new restaurant in Dubai’s trendy Irish Village.

Value engineering was at the heart of the project: to define this, the objective is to cover the maximum area with the minimum number of parasols, whilst retaining the aesthetics and balance of the overall look. A key factor in this would also be UV protection and fabric quality, as heat is often unrelenting throughout the year in the UAE.

Indigo’s fabric is 90-99% UV-resistant, offering near-full protection from harmful rays from the sun; in addition to this, the fabric is solution-dyed, meaning that the colour is impregnated into the yarn as opposed to being dyed after weaving. This ensures the fabric is will not fade. It is guaranteed for 10 years to perform in temperatures in excess of 50 degrees celcius, month-in-month-out, year-in-year-out.

Parasol Installation in Dubai
During the late spring and early summer of 2017, our Managing Director, Trevor Ruddle, suggested using four 4m x 4m giant parasols from our A4 range, with optional lighting to cover the entirety of the outdoor area; this was accepted by the group and thus the design layout was finalised. Branding was also required, and a mockup of artwork was provided for the client to sign off.

The parasols were put into production at the end of September, and four weeks later they were transported to Hamburg for onward shipping to Jebel Ali. The parasols were installed during early December 2017.

Our parasol installation in Dubai marks the first installation of commercial-grade shading to the UAE; to be a part of this has been more than just exciting, but an honour for the whole team at Indigo.

Since the installation, the feedback we have received has been nothing short of incredible. As the region hasn’t seen parasols of such high quality before, the area has been significantly enhanced and business has certainly been booming! The area has been written about by established media outlets and bloggers alike, with rave reviews across the board.