Angus Steak House, Leicester Square

Angus Steak House, located at the heart of London’s Leicester Square, has a reputation for excellence. This high profile location serves as a backdrop for the popular MTV show TRL UK, always grabbing attention from being in the spotlight.

Angus Steakhouse is the original chain of steak restaurants based in central London’s West End and has been serving both Londoners and visitors alike for over half a century.

The bright red colour of the giant parasols fit in with the Angus Steak House corporate scheme, providing a much-needed eye catching colour in this busy location. The parasol bases are on castors, giving the option to move them when films are premiered in Leicester Square. Each parasol was fitted with a heater, ensuring a warm welcome for customers during the winter months.

In addition to installing parasols, Indigo provided matching screens to cordon off the area, giving diners privacy from the hustle and bustle around them.

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