Key Features
  • Automatic activate when thresholds are reached
  • LED status display (except with Agido)
  • Transparent housing (except with Agido)
  • Depending on the version, with power connection, battery or solar operated


What good is the best awning if it is not extended when it’s sunny and the patio and indoor rooms get too hot? weinor weather sensors provide reliable assistance here. They protect the fabric from rain, the awning construction from strong winds and your indoor furnishing from fading due to UV radiation.

BiSens weather sensors automatically activate your radio-controlled weinor awning – even if your awning is not in sight. Does it get too hot during the course of the day? No problem. With the weinor sun sensor the awning extends in good time providing pleasant shade. As a result, the patio and indoor rooms don’t get as hot. The sun protection also automatically closes if it’s windy or starts raining. So that it stays dry and is not damaged.