Branded Parasol

With the option to screen print the vast majority of our products with a design or logo, consider adding a touch of personalisation with a branded parasol.

Be it a striking logo or an elegant design, a screen printed canopy is guaranteed to turn heads, providing positive reinforcement to passers by.

Most outdoor products have the option of carrying branding, generally used to display the outlet’s name, a message to customers, or to advertise a product sold (usually a drinks brand).

When opting for a branded parasol, it is worth approaching major suppliers to assist with purchase or sponsorship in return for placing their logo on products; most companies are very supportive of the idea to gain brand recognition.

Screen printing is a popular technique for printing text and images onto fabrics, posters, vinyl or wood.

Instant Leasing

Indigo Shading Ltd now offer the option of Instant Leasing to customers, ensuring that price does not have to be a factor in renovating outdoor spaces with the very best commercial grade products.

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